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Truly, the gun violence has been the one of biggest elements which threat both personal safety and national security in the United States. According to one of the article from Philadelphia government website, the United States has the 31st highest rate of gun violence in the world.

  1. To help with this part, create a gun control essay outline containing your key points.
  2. Explains that the nra-ila lists several companies that have relocated due to gun control laws.
  3. The citizens of the United States keep coming back to the idea of repealing the Second Amendment.
  4. Explains that gun control is a subject of debate intrinsically, and uniquely, ambiguous in american culture.
  5. Gun control is an important issue that has been a cause of concern for many years.
  6. The paper states that it is necessary to revise the legislation on arms control.

On the other hand, opponents of stricter laws also have the same reasoning but think they can defend themselves better in case of gun violence scenarios and that gun ownership is their right. There are advocates for both sides for wanting stricter gun control and less gun control. Firearms are such a big part of American history that it has been included in our constitution as one of our inalienable rights. The people who want stricter gun control believe that making it harder to get guns and limiting the types of guns people can use makes everyone safer since there’s less firearms in the public. Those who want more lax gun laws believe that it acts as a deterrent and as a safety measure to protect innocent citizens and themselves.

Law Enforcement Approaches to Reduce Community Gun Violence

Guns are the ultimate security for some citizens but for others, these add to a feeling of defenselessness. Throughout history, any topic related to guns means a plethora of problems.

essay about gun control

Order a custom term paper writing service and get top-notch results. The weapon-related topic, the use of which can lead to tragic outcomes, can hardly evoke excitement or inspiration. But it is still a significant and widely discussed problem. To write an essay about gun control, you may read some of our samples to have a deeper understanding and grasp some ideas to use in your creation.

Gun Control: Protecting Lives Comes Before Protecting Rights

Though these weapons may usually be needed as necessities ranging from hunting for food to protection for… Gun control has been a huge controversy for many years, so many people believe that if we have strict gun laws then crime rates drop. Gun control is needed in our world because it will stop crimes and provide safety for our community. This gun control law is needed because it will put an end to mass shootings in our world. Countries with restrictive gun control laws obtain lower homicide and suicide rates. We can use Finland as an example, which has the most gun… Gun control is a couple of laws and policies that are used to regulate the sale and possession of firearms to protect civilians.

  1. As a following effect to the shootings and massacres, many people turn to stricter enforcement of gun control as a solution to this national crisis.
  2. Restrictive firearm laws would also save women from domestic abuse and vulnerable populations from gun-related deaths (Lynch & Logan, 2015).
  3. All of the papers you get at are meant for research purposes only.
  4. Even then, the magazine capacity of these rifles and their purchase should be restricted.
  5. Explains that adam lanza, who carried out the sandy hook school shooting, used a rifle and two handguns.
  6. In recent years there has been increased education in schools and universities to ensure fewer chances of this kind of tragedies happening again.

Remember to stick to your topic rather than write about general issues. And finally, keep the requirements of academic writing style as our writers do. The issue of gun control came to worldwide attention when school and mass shooting started to happen more often and became a problem. The citizens of the United States keep coming back to the idea of repealing the Second Amendment.

The Dangers Of Gun Control

However, some people take advantage of the freedom to own and use guns to do truly evil and destructive what does controlling idea mean things. Explains that gun control is a sensitive and controversial topic due to gun crime.

essay about gun control

Gun violence has become a larger area of interest for citizens of the United States. Gun violence has changed in many different ways since the 1700s. Constitution was put into place which included laws about guns and gun violence. The Constitution states, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. The next paragraphs of your gun control research paper are the essay body. First, you should present your point of view and statistics to prove it along with supporting reasons. Then, it’ll be a significant advantage if you give the pro-gun arguments to emphasize that opposite visions also exist.

The Discussion on Gun Control in America

Other studies have shown that stricter state gun controls result in lower discharge rates for gun injuries. Children living in states with stricter gun controls are safer, with families and communities not bearing gun violence’s physical and emotional brunt. Handgun laws such as waiting period, expanded universal background checks, gun locks, and stricter open carry regulations have contributed to lower gun violence, and laws in that direction should be pursued. The critical regulation regarding gun control should be a thorough review of high caliber assault weapons and high-capacity magazines used in mass shootings such as AR-15. These should be banned as the primary purpose of owning guns is protection and not aggression, and thus high caliber weapons should only be issued with extra checks. Much of today’s controversy lies within the recent outbreaks and mass shootings across the United States.

  1. Gun control may sound like a good thing, however, it has great potential to be one of the worst solutions for society.
  2. Due to the efforts of our team, you can check out a handy guide enabling you to create any type of research paper about the use of firearms by civilians.
  3. Usually, in gun control essay examples, we see an overview of a specific law or occurrence related to the subject, focusing on the relationship between its cause and effect.
  4. 2019 had the highest number of mass shootings in any year since the research group started keeping track.
  5. Finally, the last policy update on which both parties somewhat agree implies the introduction of background checks for private sales and sales made at gun shows.
  6. A weapon in the wrongs hands is the maximum danger humanity can face.

As with most gun control debates there is always a lot of statistics involved in the argument. Taking a look at numbers helps to see if gun control laws are effective or not. The argument for more lax gun control laws makes more sense and has the statistics to back it up. A weapon in the wrongs hands is the maximum danger humanity can face. Nowadays, violence and delinquency in society are viewed as the maximum problem solver. Humanity is full of chaos; hate and envy seize our souls.

Is Mental Illness a Risk Factor for Gun Violence?

Opines that people have the right to own guns to form a militia to protect the nation or to be used in self-defense. Opines that the fight against gun control will be a process for the next few years. Pete shields states that it will take about seven to ten years to get total control of handguns in the united states.

essay about gun control

Making an irrefutable argument like this for an argumentative pro-gun control essay is sure to grab the attention of your professor. Proponents of gun control argue that it is necessary for public safety. Statistics show that there is a direct correlation between gun ownership and words to introduce quotes gun-related deaths. Furthermore, they argue that gun control will reduce access to firearms, which will in turn reduce gun-related crime and make our streets safer. The problem of mass shootings has been on the rise around the world, with the United States being the most affected.

Essay on How to Prevent Mass Shootings

For example, all gun owners must be of a certain age and must undergo background checks. Furthermore, there are restrictions on the types of weapons that can be sold and the types of ammunition allowed. Gun Control Laws in the United StatesIt is a well-known fact that gun violence is one of the main causes of death among young people.

It is clear that guns are a real threat to would-be criminals, and as such the crime rate has been reduced. There would be no point in regulating guns further than they already papers on gun control are considering these results. Gun Control and Gun LawsThis paper is an in-depth discussion of the constitutional issues surrounding gun control and gun ownership.

Methodological Challenges to Identifying the Effects of Gun Policies

Compares the u.s.’s gun-related murder rate with that of countries like japan. Opines that there is no way to confiscate millions of guns because it is just impossible. Even if you post a gun-free sign, criminals are still going to bring their guns in. Before embarking on writing your essay, it is vital you decide if you are pro or against the idea. Then you can plan out the essay according to your stance. Many laws have been changed to fit in with modern society.

essay about gun control

One gun can be made without a single problem but that one gun can also kill thousands with no hesitation. classification and division essay definition Gun violence has impacted our society in such a bad way which is why it needs to be stopped.

Popular Questions on Gun Control

There are some people who want the government to keep the limitations on weapons. On the other side, there are people who do not support the regulation and how firearms could be controlled. Despite the benefits that gun control provides for the wellbeing of public safety, many people oppose gun control for it violates the rights and amendment of the individual. how to source a website in an essay Gun owners today feel that they are entitled to their guns without rigorous processes. They feel as if owning a gun is a God-forsaken right and to question that right is to question their loyalty to America. Furthermore, other individuals also feel that gun shooting or hunting is used to create a family bond or experience as a leisure activity.

  1. These can help you to understand the full scope of the issue and the various opinions on it.
  2. Life of crime and a bad environment can always cause a child to follow the footsteps of a community.
  3. 2) Cause and effect essay – this type of work implies analyzing the reasons and outcomes of a particular event or phenomenon.
  4. In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that gun control efforts in the USA are failing as the prevalence of violence in the streets and domestic settings is alarming.
  5. Gun violence has become a larger area of interest for citizens of the United States.
  6. Here is a good website for global firearm laws and statistics.
  7. Arguments such as more guns will make Americans safer and more able to defend themselves is false.
  8. Imagine your gun control essay to be a movie and you need to title it suitably can be another useful trick.

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